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Discover 6 proven tips that help you recharge after a busy day


Relaxation is essential for maintaining our overall well-being and mental health. It allows us to recharge and refresh our minds and bodies, enabling us to tackle the daily challenges of life with renewed energy and positivity. However, it can be challenging to relax, especially when we’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. The good news is, there are some easy things you can do to help yourself relax and recharge. In this blog post, we will be sharing six tips to help you recharge after a busy day.

Tip 1: Drink relax tea

relaxing tea

One of the best ways to relax and recharge is to drink a cup of tea. Lemon balm, linden, and chamomile teas are perfect for relaxation because the properties of the herbs act like natural relaxers for the body. Not only do they help you relax, but they also taste amazing. So, brew yourself a cup of tea, sit back, and let the herbs do their magic.

Tip 2: Style yourself with comfortable clothes

Vanilla Latte Comfort Attire by Zerena

One of the best ways to relax and recharge after a busy day is by wearing comfortable clothes, also known as comfort attire. Comfort attire refers to clothing that is designed to be worn in a way that is comfortable for the person wearing it. This can include clothing made from soft, breathable fabrics, or clothing that is designed to fit well and provide a good range of motion. It also refers to clothing that is styled in a way that is pleasing to the person wearing it and makes them feel good about themselves.

Comfort attires are designed to help reduce physical discomfort, allowing for greater freedom of movement, and improve your mood by creating a positive self-image and increasing self-esteem. It can also lead to better social connections and improved mental health by making you feel good about yourself and more likely to engage with others in a positive way.

Tip 3: Light candles

Light candles

Lighting a candle can be a great way to relax and recharge because it can help your mind associate the light with sunset and nighttime. Electric light can make you feel awake and alert, so using candles can help your body get ready for sleep. Plus, the flickering light of a candle can be soothing and calming.

Tip 4: Use an air diffuser with lavender essences

FlowerBud Smart Diffuser by VOCOlinc

An air diffuser with lavender oil can fill your room with a relaxing smell. Lavender has been shown to affect the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls bodily processes associated with anxiety, such as heart rate, breathing rhythm, and hormone secretion. Lavender can help regulate these processes by restoring a neutral state, which can help you relax and recharge.

Tip 5: Practice feet care

Feet care
Feet mask

Your feet are your body’s foundation, so keeping them healthy is vital to your overall well-being. You can put your feet in semi-warm water with lavender or use a foot massage machine. When your feet are massaged, the relaxing sensations may help relieve stress and improve your mood. This makes you less inclined to perceive pain as deeply, which is one of the great benefits of foot care and a good way to recharge yourself.

Tip 6: Relax music

Listening to relaxing music can be a great way to unwind and recharge after a busy day. Studies have shown that listening to music with a tempo of around 60 beats per minute can help your brain relax and promote feelings of calmness. So, turn on some soothing tunes, close your eyes, and let the music transport you to a peaceful place.

I invite you to take a moment to unwind with an hour of soothing, 60 BPM healing songs. You can also check out this relaxing playlist I curated on Spotify. While it may not be scientifically proven, it personally brings me peace and I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy! 🙂

In conclusion, taking care of yourself is important, and with these tips, you can easily recharge yourself with a comfortable outfit and a relaxing atmosphere. Remember to take the time to relax and recharge, you deserve it!