Dress to destress

Unwind in style with our stylish jogging sets designed to make you feel relaxed from head to toe. We strive to become your favourite outfit for every casual occasion.

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Fair fashion

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Everyone in our process is treated with love and respect and is rewarded fairly.

Shipping to europe

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We are a Colombian brand based in the Netherlands and ship to every EU country.

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Three woman wearing comfort outfits with the colors green, blue and beige

Comfort Attires

Stylish Jogging Sets

Handmade in Colombia

Fair & with care.

Our stylish jogging sets are tailored with the finest materials from Colombia by local tailors in Bogotá. They are passionate about their craft and work in good conditions, that’s extremely important for us.

Fair fashion is at the core of Zerena. We passionately believe that we can only build an authentic brand if everyone feels comfortable and appreciated, from the tailors to the customers and everyone in between.

Soft-on-skin fabrics

Our top-tier fabrics are picked with care to give your skin a sensation of relief when you put them on.

Comfort from tip-to-toe

Our Comfort Attires are designed to provide a relaxing experience for your entire body. That’s why we only sell combinations that do so from top to bottom.

Limited collection

We like to keep our garments exclusive. That’s why we will only release collections in small quantities every season.

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Images from Luisa's family members who helped with building Zerena from scratch

Inspired by loved ones

Build by the family

My family is the foundation of Zerena. Everyone contributed to the brand in their way. They supported me with their unique skill sets throughout the entire process. Every piece from this collection is a result of the work of these lovely people.

Signature Luisa Monsalve